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Directed towards an international audience, Selvedge covers fine textiles in every context with illustrated features on fine art, fashion, interiors, ethnographic textiles, important collections, travel and shopping. The latest books and exhibitions are reviewed in every issue. The magazine provides a wide-ranging, unbiased and critical overview of the textile world.

The Selvedge readership is composed of all those who claim textiles as their first love, not simply makers and academics. They include professional artists, textile students, collectors, fashion and interior designers, museum curators and gallery owners. Selvedge is also aimed at an audience beyond those with an established interest in textiles, as discerning consumers are also amongst our readers. Intelligent and curious, they use Selvedge to learn about the history, techniques, artists and designers that made the items that furnish their lives.

We aim to provide a publication that reflects the creative lifestyle and tastes of this group without isolating or restricting readers. The magazine serves as a link to many other areas of interest, inspiration and knowledge.

Decisions relating to commissioning are based primarily on the quality of the images submitted. Selvedge is an image-led magazine and no writing however good can justify inclusion unless accompanied by extremely high quality images.

When submitting a proposal please send slides or digital files (300dpi jpeg or tiff files) that illustrate the subject, along with a one-page outline and a prose synopsis of the article. We do not publish texts written in the first person. Please do not send original slides or transparencies with speculative proposals as materials will not be returned. If the proposal is of interest, the editor will contact you to arrange specifics such as word length, angle and to schedule the article's appearance. Selvedge does not provide payment for unsolicited articles but is happy to publish new material that may be of interest to our readers. All payments to our contributors are made upon publication, based on the final article's word count.

Our editorial independence is very important to us and the integrity of the magazine. However, as a small publication with limited funds we do include a quota of carefully chosen but unpaid promotional material in each issue. While articles and features not explicitly relating to a specific institution or product are all paid, we cannot provide a fee for any feature explicitly referring to an exhibition, institution or publication. Through this we hope to achieve a healthy balance of editorial content.

If you are interested in contributing to the magazine please have a look at our guidelines. With any questions or proposals, please get in touch with our Features Editor Niamh McCooey by emailing




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