82 Portraits... and a Chair


Turquoise. Coral. Salmon pink. Cornflower blue. The vibrant hues of David Hockney’s latest series of paintings seem to radiate towards the viewer’s gaze, capturing it for a moment. znljl1gqcv2lt5wtsnvovuuonv8ygc7fuu7f1lhh Although 82 Portraits and 1 Still-Life portrays friends and colleagues of Hockney’s, the paintings do not attempt to reveal a profound insight into the personalities of the sitters. Rather, colour is the dominant power. Hockney’s use of vivid acrylic paint echoes the unnatural tones Fauvism – an artistic movement of which Matisse was a member. dfgfb52yxmu3spu7gzaxgxqyvxz1julpkfcxodbd The series is held together by several consistent elements: the turquoise and cornflower blue walls in the background, and a simple upholstered chair. The effect of having the sitter look directly towards the viewer is at times unnerving – together with the chair, this arrangement suggests that an interview is taking place. But who is interviewing whom? The painted people are giving little away. David Hockney RA: 82 Portraits and 1 Still-life Until 2 October 2016 Royal Academy

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