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Selvedge was delighted recently to receive an invite to the launch of a new perfume - Bleu de Chine - by Angela Flanders; a fragrance inspired by her friend Noel Chapman’s collection of Chinese indigo fabrics. Situated just off Spitalfields market Angela Flanders’s perfume shop is nestled down Artillery Passage, a delightfully quaint and cobbled little lane which feels as though you’ve travelled back in time, and just when you think you’re lost and you’ll have to get out google maps (if of course it exists yet)… you smell it! The wonderfully powerful aromatic, floral and citrus aromas greet you. To the untrained nose there is skepticism about how a collection of Chinese indigo textiles could inspire a scent. Once explained though it all seems to make perfect sense - the fragrance is made up of lavender, bergamot and patchouli- fresh, bold and… blue! Reflecting indigo in all its varying shades Angela has created a perfume, an eau de toilette and a candle with the blue scent. Once the history and cultural significance of these beautiful fabrics is revealed it’s easy to understand their attraction and the inspiration that led to the creation of Bleu de Chine. The symbols that are resist-dyed onto the fabric deeply embed meanings within the cloth, which adds to the romance of the whole thing. Bamboo motifs signify strength and resilience, a bat represents long life and a fish is a sign of fertility. The list is endless and no one is identical - just like a perfume. Luckily for us Noel trusted his nose and has travelled China, building up a small collection of these fascinating fabrics, which he will be bringing to this year’s Selvedge Winter Fair. Noel Chapman - Bleu Anglais Angela Flanders Visit Angela's shops: 4 Artillery Passage,         96 Columbia Road,

Spitalfields,                      Shoreditch,

London E1 7LJ                London E2 7QB perfume1   

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  • rose on

    I’ve tried it it’s gorgeous …very different
    looking forward to the selvedge fair

  • Noel Chapman on

    Thanks for this lovely write-up Penny & Polly – see you at the Selvedge Winter Fair !

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