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Thank you to everyone who has donated to our Selvedge World Fair Kickstarter: I am grateful for your support. While we are busy raising funds, we are also working hard behind the scenes to put together a program of talks and workshops that will bring you the very best thinkers and makers who are reimagining the future of textiles.

Call for Workshop Leaders

Selvedge is committed to promoting sustainable alternatives to the global textile industry. With that in mind, we are seeking applications for workshop leaders on the theme of CRAFT:

Culture           Inspired by people and places

Repair              Making textiles last

Appreciate      The wonder of fibre and dye

Fashion        Clever construction

Tradition      Passing on our heritage

Call for Speakers

We are also inviting applications from speakers who can deliver well-prepared talks, that will educate, inspire, and feed the curiosity of our visitors, sparking the kind of conversations that are important to at Selvedge, and to our readers. The theme for our talks programme is CULTURE:

Contemplate   The slow movement

Unite         Textile that unites a community

Labour     The politics of cloth

Theatre       Using textile to tell stories

Use          Inventive uses of fibre

Re-use      Waste not, want not

Entrepreneur     Businesses with sustainable credentials

If you have a workshop or topic for a talk that you think will touch and inspire our remarkable audience, please email a short outline and biography to

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