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In 2012 German fashion designer Frank Leder created a new line of cosmetics under the title ‘Tradition’. Famous for his menswear, Leder has branched out into creating a bath and skincare range as a limited collection. Each product is made with wholly natural and organic ingredients. Herbs and fruit oils have been harvested sustainably and selected especially to create natural soaps for your skin. AW1516-Frank-Leder-Rauch-16-585x900 The apothecary products are handcrafted in small batches with traditional German processes. Leder has then modernised the process by creating unusual scent combinations. In this bundle, you will receive items such as: Unterprima Mint Concentrated Tincture to take away aches and pains, Porchini Mushroom hand lotion and Wheatbeer shampoo. 35 Each product is distinct, with hand-drawn packaging and the 250ml glass bottles are carefully and beautifully designed with Bakelite screw caps, and wrapped in linen string. Selvedge are giving away a complete set of 12 bottles, worth £325. For a chance to win follow this link to our competitions page. 12

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