A Handmade Christmas


Guest blog post by Catriona Graffius

Did you know that the Christmas tree as we know it only came to Britain in the nineteenth century? Like so many of our yuletide traditions, the Christmas tree became a common affair in the Victorian Era when Prince Albert resurrected the German custom he had taken part in as a child. After the Illustrated London News featured a sketch in 1848 of the royal family gathered around a tree resplendent with candles, food, and handmade decorations, the festive idea became all the rage. Christmas has never been the same since.


Of course, the most important decoration to be placed on any tree is the Christmas angel. Originally intended to symbolise the Angel Gabriel and his part in the nativity story, putting the angel on top of the tree is now a much coveted role in the family tree decorating. Claire Fletcher has created an exquisite range of angel decorations for just this occasion.


Harking back to the Victorian tradition of homemade decorations, each angel has been made with authentic Victorian moulds and has been carefully stuffed, stitched, and put together by hand. The angels have all been given a bright hand-painted face and vintage garb, creating the perfect balance of beauty, nostalgia, and Christmas kitsch that every self-respecting angel decoration should have.

Large-Selvedge-Drygoods69Large-Selvedge-Drygoods79 And if you're still hunting for that final present, Selvedge is happy to help with a range of handmade and beautifully crafted toys and dolls for sale on our website. As well as Christmas angels, Claire Fletcher has made a range of hand-painted tambourines replete with ribbons and images of majestic ships, flowers, and animals – something to be tucked under that gorgeously bedecked tree. Large-animals teapot Gluckskafer's charming felt animals could solve any stocking filler problems whilst Jess Brown's collections of handmade dolls dressed in cashmere and antique textiles would make the perfect addition to a handmade Christmas.  All available from the Selvedge shop, online and in store. LAST POSTING FOR CHRISTMAS IS ON 22 DECEMBER Large-jess brown dolls  

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