The shibori artist Jane Callender has been invited to teach her skills and knowledge all over the world and previous courses have been held in Australia, Canada, Kuwait, Hungary, Italy and India. Jane’s first book 2000 Pattern Combinations – a guide to creating pattern was published by Batsford in 2011 and in Japan in 2012. She is currently writing her second book on shibori stitched techniques. d35ead214346bd2c30c862beb99681797957fbc9Screen-Shot-2016-03-21-at-15.17.47-1 There is an absolute joy in dipping into the blue lagoons of indigo and woad on a buzzy-bee summer’s day in the shade of a quiet woodland, it is just the antedote to spending days cooped up in the studio or office. I can't wait to show you the techniques used to create shibori patterns and textures. We'll try gentle stitching as well animated cylinder wrapping, binding – and folding, to achieve dynamic geometric patterns which float on silk. All of these techniques come under the umbrella term of ‘shibori’ a Japanese word, but are to be found in many parts of the world. image8cfb70818d8555bbdd1e2987551b3a6d2665ff60(1) The magic of indigo will be explained and we’ll make a vat together – I'll have three on the go. We’ll talk about the complimentary dyes and combine them with indigo to produce really unique pieces that'll be as much fun to wear and use as to make. A selection of natural fabrics are available from Lizzie Hume at the Chateau and my callishibori stencils will be there for you to use, though I will show you how to cut your own as well. A seller of French vintage linen will visit and spread her wares out on the grass – which one will you choose to dip? Will it be for you or a friend? Why not get both? a84f7b56e108a0755624ce8ab2a854f0callishibori A day out and about in a most delightful medieval town allows you to sink with a sigh into the French landscape and is a chance to discuss with a new friend what you’ll be making with your lovely fabrics. On returning to the chateau you can pick up the threads of your project to complete and rest assured, just as you think you're content with watching your work turn blue, you’ll be picking up another piece of white fabric just waiting to be worked and dipped into the lagoon! Jane. SHIBORI WITH CALLISHIBORI 13-20 AUGUST callender_indigo-squared1bfd2d4282c371cfdb2001560ecd95a92861fc1a

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  • Patricia Hopewell on

    I spent a delightful week at the Chateau Dumas last summer, a memorable time spent with needle and thread, wrapping, folding, learning the many shibori techniques under the expert guidance of Jane, it was very special. The result of our endeavours was a creative collection of indigo and woad dyed cottons, linens and silks. The weeks’ programme was a clever mix of outings, picnics, shopping and classes. We enjoyed the relaxing atmosphere of the chateau, the food was exceptional, all thanks to Lizzie and her team.

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