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Guest blog post by Frances Tobin of The Maker's Atelier. The Maker’s Atelier has joined forces with Cloth House to create a Modern kimono. Traditional Kimono are simple, straight-seamed garments made from a single bolt of cloth. It is the pattern on the surface, rather than the cut of the garment, that is significant. Kimono SB5 From this starting point, The Maker’s Atelier has evolved their latest dressmaking pattern, to work specifically with Cloth House’s Japanese Kimono crepe fabric. This luxury polyester crepe-weave has the same stability along the grain as across it. This means that the garment pieces can be laid with the grain running across the body and down the sleeve. Kimono SB4 As a result the Modern Kimono’s shape has been refined to incorporate the sleeve and body as one, with no centre back seam, to make the most of the printed fabric design. The name Kimono means ‘a thing worn’ and dates from the 19th Century. Before that, the garment was known as a Kosode, meaning 'small sleeve' and a reference to the small opening at the wrist. The Modern Kimono has a narrower cuff than most Kimono, making it easier to wear. Kimono SB3 The Modern Kimono is available as an exclusive, special limited-edition kit with coordinating trims and matching thread. The Maker’s Atelier will be selling the kits at Selvedge's Artisan Christmas fair, but if you can’t wait that long, visit The Maker’s Atelier where the kits can be ordered on-line. Kimono SB2

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