Britain's renowned printmaker Angie Lewin will soon make her curatorial debut with the exhibition "A Printmaker's Journey" opening at The Gallery, Winchester Discovery Centre this March. Known for her recognisably colourful and illustrative designs, Lewin works mainly in linocut, wood engraving, lithography and screen printing, but that doesn't mean that her inspiration is limited to print. Having designed for textiles and painted with watercolours too, the intense diversity of Lewin's practice is reflected in her wealth of inspiration. For this show she has selected the works of over forty artists from different time periods, working in a variety of disciplines from prints, paintings and ceramics to textiles. These pieces have, Lewin says, "revealed the connections between this diverse selection and how each has inspired the development of my own work". Angie_Lewin_Lakeside_Teasels_1024x1024 This is the Hampshire Cultural Trust's first in a series of exhibitions featuring celebrated makers-cum-curators, choosing creations that have had some impact on the development of their practice over the years. The exhibitions are, according to Janet Owen of the Hampshire Cultural Trust, "as much about the works they select, as it is about the person themselves. With Angie, we will display her work alongside that of artists who have inspired and influenced her over her career". Lewin has selected an exciting range of works that include ceramics by Eric Ravilious and Paul Scott, wallpapers by Edward Bawden, prints by Gertrude Hermes and Monica Poole, textiles by Ashley Havinden and woven willow work by Lizzie Farey among others. angie_lewin_island_summer_screenprint_1024x1024 Now living and working in Scotland, Lewin originally studying illustration and horticulture in London before moving to Norfolk where her printmaking flourished. Inspired by the clifftops and saltmarshes of the Norfolk coast and Scottish Highlands, these environments are found consistently throughout Lewin's work. Still lives often incorporate seedpods, grasses, flints and dried seaweed collected on the artist's walking and sketching trips, and so it's not surprising that she has illustrated many books over the years, including Leslie Geddes-Brown's "Garden Wisdom" published by Merrell in 2009. Angie_Lewin_Dandelion_Track_I Landscape is a well-known influence of Lewin's practice, but her artistic and social influences are usually lesser known to the public. With this in mind, "A Printmaker's Journey" will offer an excellent opportunity for viewers to step into Lewin's world and embrace every inspiring element that has, one way or another, formed a part of her work. This exhibition will launch of the 11th of March, at the Winchester Discovery Centre.

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