A trip to the Chateau


I have recently returned from a trip to Chateau Dumas, in south west France. Our wonderful host Lizzie made us feel so welcome. I was delighted to discover the area's rich textile history including the origins of woad in Toulouse at the Bleus de Pastel de Lectoure shop, the old 'chapellerie' town of Mairie-Caussade and the hilltop town of Montpezat de Quercy with its 16th century tapestry at the Collegiale St Martin. Look out for more in our July/August issue... Polly Leonard, Editor in Chief

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  • Mary Johnson on

    Thank you for writing about this, I have often wanted to attend French General’s Chateau Getaway at Chateau Dumas, Please share a link to their website so people know where to sign up:
    Cannot wait to read the article. French General has found a true gem in France.

  • Hannah Vanderpool on

    A friend went on French General’s getaway retreat last summer and said it was fabulous! I am saving my money to go next summer.

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