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From Batik to Shibori dyeing, Aranya Naturals use a range of techniques and hues to create their cotton and silk scarves. Often collaborating with designers and desired the world over, Aranya Naturals already has plenty to boast about without even mentioning the motivation and realities behind the brand.
Selvedge horizontal 190216+28~470x470Selvedge horizontal 190216+22~470x470 Aranya Naturals is one of the Srishti Welfare Centre's projects in Munmar, India. The centre was founded with the desire to provide support and ultimately employment to the differently-abled children of local tea plantation workers. Aranya Naturals is the last stage of a person's involvement with the Srishti Welfare centre and also plays an important role in saving the rich Indian craft of dyeing clothes naturally. Selvedge horizontal 190216+6~470x470 The art of making natural dyes is harmonious with local eco-sytems, whereas artificial dyes that are not azo-free or non toxic can be extremely harmful for the environment. And by providing a source of employment to those who otherwise may struggle, they significantly improve many lives. Selvedge horizontal 190216+23~470x470 Once the children have been educated and trained at Srishti's DARE school they are then able to work at the natural dye unit, producing Aranya Naturals. A silk scarf with a story – perfect for Mother's Day on 6 March. 

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