Next weekend, a barn in Wilton Connecticut will be taken over by contemporary textile art. Browngrotta, one of North America’s most prolific art organisations representing over 100 textile artists, will mark 30 years of success with the exhibition Art In The Barn: Still Crazy After All These Years. Open for only 10 days, this barn will showcase a carefully curated roster of artists, some of whom are widely known to create some of the most exciting site-specific art pieces. US artist Randy Walker is one of them.


  Known for his playful and public installations, Walker’s art practice embraces experimentation and colour through fabric. Often reacting to surfaces found both in natural and manmade spaces, Walker thinks of his artworks as colourful, personal maps. His lines of colour trace his own relationships with different found spaces, making visual his continued route through the landscape. “I am highly conscious of the role my work plays in recording the passage of time,” he explains. “These threads trace my physical motion and provide a visible record of those paths I have taken.”


Now faced with a traditional barn as the site for this upcoming exhibition, Walker will share the location with many fellow artists, and this will introduce a new challenge to his over-the-top artworks; space. Not your typical gallery, Browngrotta is no novice to adapting to space as their only physical gallery is in fact this very barn, open for just ten days a year. With such a quick window into their repertoire of contemporary textile artists, Art In The Barn looks set to be a truly rich and vibrant exhibition.


Art In The Barn: Still Crazy After All These Years will take place from 22 - 30 April 2017

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