Blackwork & Goldwork


Guest blog post from Meg Fisher at the Landmark Arts Centre. Whether you normally just like looking at textiles in all their glory or like to get involved The Contemporary Textiles Fair at the Landmark Arts Centre is offering you a chance to do both – a chance to see and buy a fantastic diversity of fine textiles as well as take part in taster workshops with Royal School of Needlework tutors. egrw There are two workshops to wet your appetite: Blackwork & Goldwork. The Blackwork workshop will use traditional counted patterns of differing densities worked in black thread to create shades and tones. Blackwork is traditionally associated with garments and usually depicts floral motifs worked in repeated counted patterns. 4efw The Goldwork workshop will give you the opportunity to try the two main techniques of Goldwork: couching, the laying of metal thread on the surface secured by stitches, and simple cutwork in the form of ‘chipping’, where metal thread is cut up and stitched down in small pieces called chips. Try something new to welcome in Spring. Sat 19 & Sun 20 March 2016 For details email RSN Goldwork[1]

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