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At Selvedge, we love independence. Often featuring independent designers and shops in our magazine, we like to support people and places that express personality and pursue creativity in a mass-produced world. This is why we are very proud that Selvedge magazine has a new stockist: Bon Boutique in Tucson, Arizona. We feature clothing by Bon in the current Endeavour issue, but the mother-daughter duo behind the shop also deserves some attention. IMG_2583_1024x1024 Bonnie and Crystal Flynt have worked together for twelve years now. Although neither of them have any formal education in design, they have created a beautiful lifestyle boutique with a unique aesthetic and have recently started their own clothing line. Bon features handpicked items for home, garden and wardrobe that Bonnie and Crystal personally find on their treasure-hunting quests. They look out for simple but unique items to put on display, and they particularly like pieces by Japanese, French and Italian designers. IMG_5957_1024x1024 According to Crystal, the pair decided to start designing clothes because they couldn’t always find existing garments that matched what they wanted the shop to sell. Their designs mostly use Japanese cotton and are produced in small factories by individual craftspeople. 29f6560bdc8ba7c4ac53892236d82422 Ideas and inspiration come from vintage fabric and garments, but sometimes simply rises spontaneously. The shop’s Arizona location also helps to inspire – Crystal enjoys the big open skies and vast spaces of Tucson. Bonnie grew up on a ranch in rural California, and Crystal was always fascinated by the outdoors and nature, which she says feeds an inclination for treasure-hunting and discovery. IMG_7997_1024x1024 bon 760 S Stone Ave, Tucson, Arizona 85701, United States  

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