Bowlers to Bearskins at Patey Hats


"Patey Hats traces its roots back to 1695 when the French Huguenot Corne family arrived in London and brought with them the skills of Parisian hat making. Since then, hats have been made for royalty, the Tower of London, and London’s finest hotels, as well as for films and theatre including the successful West End show, Les Misérables." dfg Known as hat-makers to the Queen, every single hat, from mortar board to bearskin, Patey make is bespoke, and made in the workshop. Untitled 2 Visitors can see how the hard hats have their bases made as well as the hand finishing of details such as linings, padding and velvet covers. At the end of the tour you can be measured if you wish to commission a hat. Go behind the scenes at the new Patey Hat factory to see how bespoke hats are made, with examples of iconic hats, such as the bearskin and the trilby, on display. Bowlers to Bearskins at Patey Hats
04 May 2016
09:00, 10:00, 11:00 Booking: Necessary  

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