Breathing Space

They may mostly be associated with chocolate at this time of year, but eggs are much more than just edible, especially for photographer Katya de Grunwald. In Selvedge issue 33, Katya teased out her work with eggs for our readers...

Linen's history is contextualised by religious symbolism – white linen on the altar representing the winding sheet that covered Jesus in his tomb, fine linen is symbolic of purity. Imbued with perfection, illumination, innocence and sacredness, with its history of familial and domestic; ritual; religious iconography, the cloth is full.

The Egg explores the simplest of objects. Plump and exquisite, the eggs interrupt clean lines, horizons and edges. Finally images from The Nicholson Archive take as their object a collection of spoons inherited by my mother and her siblings from my great-great aunts. They are simultaneously familiar and exotic, intimate and universal, precious yet domestic...

You can read this article in full in Selvedge issue 33.

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