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“Natural, raw beauty touches our souls.... and transforms us and our world by connecting us to the best in ourselves. It is essential to our very cores.” Cara May learned to knit when she was just eight years old – much to the amusement of her friends. What was originally a pastime eventually developed into a career, after May decided that a fast-paced job in the construction industry was not for her. She now has a studio in the River Arts District of Asheville, in North Carolina, USA. She is not the only maker who is based in the area, as Asheville is home to many artists, makers and artisans. caramay-6 Like anyone with a creative passion, May spends most of her waking hours working on her craft. The working day invariably begins with knitting, but she also has seams to sew and garments to wash before the day is up. Even once she is at home, the knitting needles do not necessarily lie dormant. caramay2-17 Cara May Knits has a unique aesthetic, one that has been inspired by the Japanese ethos of wabi sabi, which rejects the relentless pursuit for perfection in art, and embraces natural “mistakes” and quirks. All of the garments are knitted from natural fibres, and are handcrafted from start to finish. They have an asymmetrical, simple and effortless look about them, inspired by May’s own clothing style. Cara May is a Selvedge artisan, and her products can be purchased through our online store. She also writes a blog, which gives a lovely insight into her creative life and sources of inspiration.

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