Cath Ball...3 stitched pieces


Cath Ball is donating three of her delicately stitched vessels to a good home. You can see more of Cath's work on her website, or at Click here to find out more about Cath's business. To win one of three vessels please answer this question: Grog is a type of clay, what of finish does 'grog' give when it has been fired? Please click here to send your answer. Winners will be announced on the 6th April.

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  • rita davies on

    A sandy or gritty finish .

  • ann galloway on

    Grog gives a gritty texture when it has been fired and gives the composition a stronger fix.

  • Carol Ann Eades on

    Grog gives the clay a course texture and adds strength. It can also be textured further with the use of a fine hacksaw blade at the leather hard stage The courser the grog the more interesting the texture

  • Julie Howe on

    Grog gives the clay strength and can give a rough gritty finish.

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