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An exhibition featuring new large scale printed textiles by Caitlin Hinshelwood, new woven textile ‘portraits’ by Jane Landau and previously unseen ceramics by Rose de Borman. The exhibition brings together three artists using craft practices to explore a sense of narrative and the figurative.

Jane Landau’s woven portraits are influenced by the promotional woven portraits developed to showcase the possibilities of Jacquard in Lyons and the work of Bruno Munari. She has used the ancient techniques of Taqueté and Samit along with the Lampas technique to create her series of woven portraits.

Rose de Borman Ceramics

Rose de Borman’s ceramics sit alongside these textile pieces; flora, fauna and a sense of mythology come together in her ceramic figurines and vessels. Earthenware and porcelain are intuitively crafted to create expressive forms.

Caitlin Hinshelwood Image

Caitlin Hinshelwood’s new textiles draw inspiration from various types of textile flags and banners and their narrative possibilities. She has used common and invented symbols to create unintended possible new stories. Hand screen-printed onto silk panels these banners adopt fringing, tassels and edging commonly found on textiles of this kind.

The weekend-long exhibition opens 28th October and runs until Sunday 30th at a currently disused space in Dalston, London.

Private View: 28 October 6:30-7pm

Open: 29 - 30 October 11-7pm

11 Stoke Newington Road, London, N16 8BH

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