Champagne Life


“Though women artists are far better represented in contemporary art now, in terms of the number of women artists that are having their work exhibited and shown, there remains a glass ceiling that needs to be addressed.” – Nigel Hurst, the chief executive of Saatchi gallery. 20131021122612_virgile_ittah_regarding_the_pain_of_another_side It's hardly news that women are woefully under-represented in a number of worlds – the art one especially – but it is also hardly new news to anyone at all in tune with current media that feminism (although an extremely worthy cause) is somewhat of a 'hashtag' at the moment. sigrid_holmwood_lye Champagne Life is the Saatchi gallery's first ever all-women show. Amonngst the fourteen artists on show are; Sigrid HolmwoodSeung Ah Paik and Alice Anderson. Let's hope that this isn't a case of 'champagne feminism' – exhibiting and promoting a random mix of female artists simply for the sake of sound bites. 20141208121638_BulajicJelenaAliseLange29.7x21cm

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