Christmas Winners


It seems like an age has past since Christmas, but we are still receiving thank yous from everyone who was lucky enough to win one of our Christmas Competitions. And we thought it was high time we did the same. From a bundle of beautiful Persephone Books to Merchant & Mills' Notions box, there was something for everyone. In fact there were so many lovely things that we thought (all together) they'd paint a rather idyllic picture of winter domestic bliss... Just imagine settling down for the evening by lighting a The Designer's Guild candle and coseying up with new knitting project – inspired by your soft, warm John Arbon alpaca bed socks. 12days of christmas comps culmination The next morning you'd rise to tick off the day's duties on your Harrington & Squires 2016 Perforated Calendar, whisk up and gobble down an omelette in your brand new Volga Linen apron. Then run back upstairs for a refreshing bath with bright, joyous towels from Gudrun Sjoden. Step out for the day, safe in the knowledge that your hands won't catch a chill with your conjoined raspberry mittens from Cabbages and Roses. And return after a long day to wrap presents with Cambridge Imprint papers on your sofa with cushions by Caravane and Thornback & Peel. Thank you to everyone who contributed so generously to our Christmas Competitions. For more opportunities to win beautiful things, stay tuned to our Competitions page.  

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  • Lisbeth on

    I was also a lucky winner – amazing lovely items! The only problem is you can’t decide whether to enjoy them yourself or gift to your best friend

  • Jacqui Coshall on

    I was a winner and I love my cherry pip warming cushion so much. Thankyou Selvedge

  • Christine White on

    I was lucky enough to be a winner . Thank you Selvedge for a wonderful Christmas competion.

  • Annie on

    I was lucky enough to win the Cabbages and Roses mittens and I absolutely adore them! Thank you so much Selvedge!

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