For the summer months this year, the forecourt of Holland’s Museum Rijswijk will be overthrown with a web of colour. Danish artist Karoline Larsen, known for her colourful string installations in public spaces, is installing her new artwork as part of the fifth Rijswijk Textile Biennial. One of 24 international textile artists exhibiting, all of those taking part will use textile techniques such as weaving, knitting and embroidery combined with photography and digital processes to explore social, political and personal stories. Screen Shot 2017-03-29 at 11.27.56 Karoline’s so-called Creative Actions have been occurring in urban spaces across the world since 2005, on a trip to Cape Town during the city’s annual Night Vision Festival. Since its initial success, Karoline has continued to reinvent the way we interact with public space in cities such as New York, Copenhagen, Bangalore and Marseille. Made to move through many forms throughout the lives of their installations, Karoline’s creations invite members of the public to get involved by adding their own lines of string and bundles of colour to each artwork. IMG_7738-1 Similarly to previous iterations, the installation in the forecourt of Museum Rijswijk will grow through the participation of Biennial visitors. Kilometres of colourful strings will take to the air, become entangled and create a transparent work of art. The public will do the performing, while the choreography will remain intrinsically free-style. Taking place from 16 May – 24 September this year, Karoline’s artwork will have plenty of time to morph into many forms, allowing each visitor to have a different experience upon each visit. collective_strings_by_karoline_h._larsen,_2015_-_photo_tina_agnew_lykander

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