Consciously Made

An object carries the experience of the maker. Sometimes we forget that a purchased object also carries the experience of the person who made and designed it. In the frenzy of shopping we can overlook the fact that, factory or artisan produced, everything we buy is an expression of someone's history, skill and time.
Christina Kim tries not to overlook that. The Korean-American designer made an early decision to design consciously: to be aware of the environment, to take pleasure in restraint and enjoy her natural, perhaps cultural, preference for clothes, objects and decorations that visibly express the experience of the maker. Christina integrates recycled and organic materials and traditional, often regional, techniques into desirable modern garments with a light touch. There is a sense of purpose in her dosa fashion collections but no air of 'preaching'.  It's an ease born of a long association with craftsmanship.
 As an art student in Seattle, Christina's art teacher, Jacob Lawrence noted the unusual way she mixed colours and patterns in her dress. Lawrence suggested she apply that attitude to her art. He also introduced her to the work of Giorgio Morandi and years later, that introduction to the artist is still creating ripples in Christina's work. "Perhaps I have an affinity for that palette because of my Korean background, much Korean art characterised by subtle shades of soft colours. I visit the Morandi Museum in Bologna when I can. His painting remains a large influence on my work."

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