Craftivism: changing the world through the power of craft.


Guest Blog post by Tessa Sillars-Powell

In a time of political turbulence and unrest, it can be frustrating to feel as though you are not being listened to and hard to know how you can utilise your skills to make a difference. While to some crafting could seem futile and frivolous, it’s moments like these when such activities are more important than ever, as a therapeutic release, form of escapism and an opportunity to bring people together.


Sarah Corbett, founder of the Craftivist Collective felt just this when looking for a way to demonstrate her beliefs in a more gentle and understanding way than traditional activism. Having spent tireless years signing petitions, marching and campaigning, without obvious progress, Sarah began to doubt the power of this action. Opting for a more progressive movement, craftivists engage with activism in a mindful and gentler manner- believing this to be more a poignant way to make your voice heard.


Not only do you then have an output for this pent up energy, you have turned that negativity and concern into productivity- with visible results. Often the Craftivist Collective present their work to influential people at the root of their concerns- showing a more memorable and compassionate response to the issues whilst getting their message across. This kind of positivity is sure-fire way of being listened to, finding support and using your creativity for social change. 16628574023_852cbf2340_k

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