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Blog post by Jessica Edney

Here at Selvedge, we love it when traditional techniques and contemporary ideas come together to inspire innovation. Therefore, we were intrigued to hear about the Creativity and Craftsmanship exhibition taking place at Homo Faber in September. Displayed in this exhibition will be a selection of unique handmade objects, which are the products of collaborations between world-class designers and master artisans.

Each of the exhibits was specially commissioned to highlight artisan techniques and materials from different regions of Europe, while also applying modern design principles to add a different dimension to the piece.  For example, a collaboration between a Zurich-based designer and a Swiss woodcarver produced a contemporary sculpture carved using the centuries-old Weissküfer technique. Another piece is a wooden cabinet with marquetry inlay; created by a Paris-based designer and two Warsaw carpenters. 

Six other original works will be on display, all following the theme of "tabernacle"; that is, a residence or dwelling place, intended to contain something precious. The commissioner was Italian architect Michele De Lucchi on behalf of the Michelangelo Foundation. The exhibition as whole reflects a dialogue between artisanal and design skill and celebrates continuing diversity in contemporary Europe. It also highlights a variety of ways of interpreting one theme, whilst simultaneously displaying unity through the shared goal of expressing a narrative that brings together traditional techniques and contemporary innovations. 

Creativity and Craftsmanship is one of 14 exhibits within Homo Faber, a major new exhibition celebrating European craftsmanship, organised by the Michelangelo Foundation. Artisans are not always recognised for their valuable skills, and so Homo Faber aims to put master artisans on the global map, increasing their visibility. The fourteen exhibits will feature a vast range of skills and techniques, with pieces from jewellery to bespoke bicycles being displayed. Visitors will be able to admire the rarest artisanal techniques as well as iconic examples of the finest European workmanship. Created by a hand-picked team of world-class designers, curators and architects, the exhibition stretches over a number of magnificent spaces throughout the Fondazione Giorgio Cini.

Blog post by Jessica Edney

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