Daniela Gregis - Celeste s/s 2015


If you like the photo story Counterpose in issue 64 you may also enjoy the show. Daniela Gregis is one of my favourte designers - this is what she says about the collection; "Sometimes she looks for a place where she can turn her head up and only see the colour blue, she thinks she sees the same blue as the birds see, the same blue that great-great-grandparents has seen, and that will be seen after her; in that instance Celeste forgets everything and does not feel lost; when they ask her why her dress is always of that colour, she does not know what to say.... cotton, silk, linen, hemp, smoother, rougher the dresses, net and fabric. the shoes rope and wood, the hats, almost turbans, blue enters white, fabric enters dress. music." Daniela Gregis, S/S 2015 collection For more information and stockists visit

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  • brenda mayo on

    FABULOUS! grazie mille….

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