"Hollywood's favourite photographer". Tyler Sheilds is famous for working with L.A's 'hippest' and producing work that loudly claims to be 'subversive'. His current show at the Maddox gallery in Mayfair London draws a crude parallel between the rich and famous today and the court of Marie Antoinette. ef7577380f730f1cd3cf0cbc1670b62519a2b3b8 It may not be intellectually thrilling but it does look to be quite visually pretty. Because it is a riff on the excessive lifestyles of Marie Antoinette and co, modelled by a cast of beautiful Hollywood actors and shot in Versailles, it does involve some nice colours and styling. faf2fd31c6832e929873f6b2f6e16ed95b0c66f1 Look beyond the rather obvious tongue in cheek meaning and enjoy some picturesque scenes. Tyler Shields – Decadence Maddox Gallery, London Until 24 February 2016

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