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“Such a pattern, like a lot of everyday things, imprints itself into our memory unconsciously without being actually perceived. Through my intervention the beholder becomes aware of the invisible fabric… I wanted to get the unseen seen.” MenjaStevenson_06 It's the kind of print and texture that is seeped deep into your sub conscious - you see and feel it everyday and yet it's not something you'd necessarily chose to look at or even acknowledge. It is with this thought that German artist Menja Stevenson has created a series of dresses to match the fabric upholstering buses in Germany. After persuading the transport companies to send her samples of the fabrics Stevenson documented the range of reactions that fellow travellers had to her uncanny creations. MenjaStevenson_02 Not only is the fabric of public transport of a strange and often dated visual/print vocabulary it has an almost unheard of durability. Often the seats in public trains or buses won't need to be re-upholstered for up to a decade.

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  • Ghislaine Gazon on

    Interesting take on texture and print! As you rightly say, we see texture and print every day but we rarely acknowledge it. Public transport is the perfect canvas to make us think

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