Ebony G Patterson


Through chintz, sequins, tapestries and dance hall music the artist Ebony G Patterson pointedly articulates the roles of class, race, gender, media and post-colonialism in modern-day Jamaica through her artwork. Patterson’s first solo show in New York, ‘Dead Treez’, includes five eye-popping tapestries and a life-sized figural tableau of ten male mannequins, dressed in a kaleidoscopic mix of floral fabrics. swag-swag-krew-ebony-g-patterson_650 Although Patterson’s work is extremely beautiful, and at first sight maybe even fun to look at, her tapestries depict murder victims, as sourced through social media, embellished to seduce viewers into witnessing the under-reported brutality experienced by those on the lower rungs of the socio-economic ladder. On show at the Museum of Arts and Design the exhibition includes a collaborative display of the museum’s permanent jewellery collection combined with Patterson’s own memorial-like, mixed media work. Catch it before it ends on 3 April, 2016 Dead Treez tumblr_o25chbwmNY1qlrsrbo1_1280

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  • kimeisha on

    i find Ebony’s artworks as being very Interesting,Creative and Attractive… love to look at them..I am doing arts at my school and we have to choose an artist for our s.b.a and i choose Ebony….

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