Elizabeth Brickell at Oriel Davies


Guest blog post. The spoon exists as a primal utensil, having been discovered in archaeological digs dating back to 1000BC. As a recognisable object, its practical uses are universal and today there are probably few households without this useful little utensil. As an aesthetically pleasing object, the spoon exists in a variety of shapes and sizes; from large ladle to tiny salt spoon. 27095427500_75a46a4472_o Associated with food, the spoon carries connotations of ‘feeding’, ‘nurturing’ and ‘survival’. Hence the ‘spoon theory’ which is used to provide an understanding from a patient’s perspective of invisible disabilities such as depression and chronic fatigue. The spoon also features in numerous myths and legends and is even at the centre of a parable based on an ancient story about hunger and sharing, namely the ‘Allegory of the long spoon’. ergsv Using a combination of these associations, Artist Elizabeth Brickell has created an installation consisting of over 200 latex spoons for the Testbed space in Oriel Davies The piece is entitled ‘Moving On’ and makes a direct reference to human migration but also, in the broader sense, to human fragility and vulnerability. In this piece, liquid latex has been used to create casts. Originating as a natural milky white liquid from the rubber tree, Latex has the ability to pick up minute detail from finger prints to remnants of paint; it presents the past life of the object with a certain rawness and honesty. The colour of the final cured latex is affected by the material compound of the spoon so in ‘Moving On’ one can see casts varying from greenish yellow to rich ochre to pale peach dictated by the copper, silver and plastic spoons used. The collection of these strange spoon skins occupies the exhibition space and hints at processes of age; the cycle of life; the act of moving on. ‘Moving On’ can be viewed alongside ‘Radical Craft’ at Oriel Davies in Newtown Powys 25 June - 29 August 2016

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