Coinciding with Art Basel 2019, von Bartha Basel announces an exhibition of new works by Swiss artist Karim Noureldin. The exhibition presents new large-scale drawings, three new textile pieces as well as previously unseen works on paper from the artist’s archive, dating from 1992 – 2015. Marking Noureldin’s fourth solo show at von Bartha, the exhibition demonstrates the development of his signature abstract style across different mediums.

Displaying a fundamental interest in drawing, Noureldin’s work negotiates the intuitive and spatial aspect of this medium to produce the non-figurative, geometric crossings present in his large-scale drawings. Titled Equinox, this series of works lend their name to the exhibition, acting as an entry point to three new, large-scale textile works, handwoven in the increasingly rare ‘Panza technique’ from western India. As an ongoing and on-site collaboration between master weavers and the artist himself, this traditional craft-making process results in unique, floor-based artworks. This type of weaving can take ten times longer than standard rug weaving and the knowledge of the skill has almost been completely lost. 

Unlike most rugs, the Panza rug is made entirely on the floor and not a loom, which means that it can be much larger. The rugs are also weaved so tightly that they feel cold to the feet in hot climates.

11 June - 27 July 2019, von Bartha, Kannenfeldplatz 6 CH-4056 Basel, Switzerland

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