Extra/Ordinary Rituals

Since opening in 2015, YKK London Showroom, located in Shoreditch, has become a crucial source of inspiration for the future of the UK fashion industry. Visitors are able to speak to experts for advice, guidance and inspiration for fastening solutions. Every six weeks the Showroom showcases an upcoming designer/student collection through a window display.

Slovenian fashion artefact designer Jana Zornik and French photographer Michelle Marshall’s ‘Extra/Ordinary Rituals’ collection is the current window display which launched on 23 July and runs until 31 August. Celebrating the freedom of imagination, turning ordinary routines into an extra-ordinary ritual, the window display is focused on six fashion artefacts that Jana created for her MA at London College of Fashion, and Michelle's photographic interpretation of the pieces.

The collectable objects represent the pleasure of simple daily rituals, with an imprint of the creator. The imaginary character, “little Marta” creates mechanised self-invented grooming tools. Through little inventions and alterations, the character turns the ordinary routine into an extra-ordinary ritual, creating a safe place to feel beautiful, free and loved. The ‘Perfu_Me’ is a made to measure perfume. After applying the perfume from the bottle to both sides of the neck, the feathers can be rotated so that the perfume can spread all over the neck, creating an enchanting aura of smell. The ‘Nail Polisher’ takes care of nails, holding one hand in a polishing position whilst allowing the other to polish the nails with zero effort.

The exhibition showcases photographic works of all six pieces. Two of the artefacts were initially photographed by Michelle as part of an editorial story, Quiet Ostentation, for Vogue Italia, coordinated by Sara Maino (Head of Vogue Talents, Vogue Italia), which are featured alongside new imagery of the remaining four artefacts. The photographs of the collection are taken in Michelle’s atmospheric and candid style. As a photographer, she is interested in capturing liminal images, idle moments stripped from any stereotypes or assumptions and prejudices; tapping into a collective memory where the notion that we are all similar emotional beings before social constructs, resonates.

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Guest blog post by Anna Stefaniak, PR Executive at the YKK Europe Ltd.

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