"Fashion designers are constantly on the search for inspiration and design possibilities. They also need to communicate with factories and buyers in technical terms. What fashion professionals really need is a simple yet practical handbook that contains all the technical information in a straightforward, user-friendly manner." ff9224ad5c7f905ea0b18bde558c9348_original Behind every new runway collection, no matter how mad the designs may seem, there is the history and tradition of clothes-making. When Lady Ga Ga wore her meat dress, it wasn't an idea born out of nothing. Aside from the politics and connotations of the meat itself, there was a cut, a style, a lot of skill and knowledge. chapter-2-page While Lady Ga Ga's outfits have been widely discussed, critiqued and dissected, there are often times when you'll see something on the street, in a magazine or a film and want to know more. Created for everyone, from professional designers, through students to enthusiasts, the Fashionpedia book is designed to give you the answers. Fashionpedia: The Visual Dictionary of Fashion Design. Fashionpedia cover 1

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