Fifty Years Of Schacht

Schacht Spindle Company's story begins in 1969. The back-to-the-earth movement was in full swing, and handicrafts, like spinning and weaving, rose in popularity. With not much knowledge about the crafts but with a lot of curiosity, two brothers, Barry and Dan Schacht stumbled upon this niche market. After a trip to Greentree Ranch with a couple of girlfriends, Barry and Dan left with an order for three-hundred drop spindles from Louise Green.

Once they delivered that initial order, they were then asked to make a loom. “What’s a loom?” they asked. When they got a lesson in what a loom was, they set to work building simple looms and tools. In the ’70s, they created the Incredible Rope Machine, one of Barry’s favourite products to date. After a few years selling this limited product line and handmade rope accessories, the Schacht brothers realized that this fledgeling endeavour could actually become a company.

Fifty years and hundreds of products later, Schacht Spindle Company has become one of the most respected and well-known manufacturers of spinning and weaving equipment. With products like the incomparable Matchless Spinning Wheel and the compact-yet-sturdy Baby Wolf floor loom, weavers and spinners have come to love and celebrate our tools. Since the beginning, we’ve made it our mission to make high-quality tools to help weavers and spinners do what they love.

During this anniversary year, we’ll be highlighting some of the influential figures that have made, and continue to make, the world of spinning and weaving so great. With a party on September 20th, special edition spinning and weaving products, and interactive online events, there will be something fun for everyone to take part in.

To learn more about Schacht and their Fab 50 celebration, click here.

Guest blog by Benjamin Krudwig.

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