Taking its name from Edwin A. Abbott’s book about life in a two-dimensional world, Flatland is an exhibition that explores the continuously evolving world of painting. Made up of 6 different artists, each with a different interpretation of 'painting' the show lends itself to a worthwhile and dynamic conversation about the future and current state of the medium.


"These artists treat abstraction as one language among many, neither privileged nor reactionary. Some of their common themes are clear: history and the passing of time, the representation or metaphor of the body, the depiction and negotiation of spatial elements, worlds within worlds: while others more elusive."


The artists in this show hope to demonstrate that painting itself is 'a work in progress'.


Simon Allison, Stephen Buckley, Tim Ellis, Jane Harris, Richard Kirwan, John Wilkins

Fold Gallery 21 January - 20 February

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  • Grace Warde-Aldam on

    Hi Jan, The Flatland show is on in London at Fold Gallery. The address is 158 New Cavendish St
    London W1W 6YW. Usually for more information about this or other shows featured on our blog, the easiest thing to do is follow the links through to the galleries themselves. I hope that helps?

  • Jan Pearse on

    Thank you for the interesting information and beautiful things you share.
    Please could you mention in which town and country the shows/galleries etc are happening.
    Thank you

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