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I have my eye on one of these ties for my dad, but shhh... it's a secret! FORAGE Stephen Loidolt & Shauna Alterio met in a kissing booth at an art school carnival. After graduating from Cranbrook Academy with MFAs in sculpture and printmaking, they began collaborating by making gifts for friends. Over time their creative partnership developed into multiple projects including: something's hiding in here, the original mustache on a stick, seed house stationers, and FORAGE Haberdashery. 6.FORAGE.kidsbowtie Their very first bow ties were made in the summer of 2010. The name FORAGE comes from our love of hunting for vintage and dead stock fabrics, which keeps our creative process fresh. Each collection is hand crafted in limited numbers using cotton fabrics. Their packaging is made in the US with recycled materials and hand printed by them. You can find out more about them in this video... 2.FORAGE.desktop  

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  • Anne Cowen on

    Wonderful aesthetic with beautiful and charming products. I wish you great success.

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