With the Selvedge Fair in Pendle fast approaching, we have a quick catch-up with Jen Patola, who will be exhibiting her traditional Indian textiles on the day...

What is your background? 

My background is in clinical management, but after visiting India I wanted to spend more time there. It was where I fell in love with textiles and now I visit four times a year. I go to source antique fabrics and to commission new, handmade textiles by working with local weavers, embroiderers and block printers. 

What drew you to these artisans? 

I am inspired by every one of the makers I meet and work with. They have a great desire to use traditional Indian techniques in a way that appeals to the Western market. 

Which parts of India inspire you the most?

I travel a lot around the subcontinent. I go to Rajasthan for block printing and quilt making, Kutch in Gujarat for Ajrakh printing, weaving and embroidery, and to West Bengal for kantha work. When I have time I travel to other regions and source handmade items that appeal to me, such as Himachal shawls in the Kullu valley.

What will you be showing at the selvedge fair? 

I'm passionate about the wool fabric woven on pit looms in Bhujodi, Kutch and I’m really excited to be bringing work from these weavers to Pendle.

Have you had any 'wow' moments in your work recently? 

I never fail to be amazed by the stunning work I see being produced in the simplest surroundings. I'm so pleased to be link in this chain, bringing these unique products to a Western market.

To find out more about the Selvedge Fair in Pendle and to book your tickets, click here.

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  • Karen Shapley on

    These Indian textiles were amazing and Jennifer very inspiring, her love of India and passion for the textiles shone through and it was a delight to meet her..

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