From Somerset To Rajasthan

Cabbages and Roses is not a brand. The Somerset-based independent clothing company prefer to think of themselves as a lifestyle instead. And as a lifestyle, they offer a very different approach from that of clothing companies of the larger, high-street variety. Founded by ex Vogue girl Christina Strutt in 2000, the family-run business specialises in British-made fashion, printed fabrics and goods for the home. 

The ethos behind Cabbages and Roses is simple: bringing the beautiful and the practical together in everyday living. Each collection is unique and quintessentially British; focusing on eccentricity and cosiness. In terms of an "average" Cabbages and Roses customer, I'm afraid she does not exist. Instead, the company's founders envisioned a shop where women of different ages and generations can come together and each find something to cherish. 

Recently, Cabbages and Roses have been working with textile designer Molly Mahon on a collection inspired by the great outdoors. Cabbages and Roses are known for evoking the English countryside with their romantic prints, but this new collection looks to a very different landscape. Leaving behind the undulating fields of Somerset, Mahon looks to the swirling colours of Rajasthan, a state where craft, colour and textiles suffuse life. The inspiration for the yellow and pink star print came when Mahon was exploring Jaipur in an autorickshaw. She spotted a little star in a circle embroidered on to the seat, and soon noticed that every autorickshaw had its variation of the same. The pink in the print symbolises the ‘Pink City’ and the yellow celebrates the sunshine that is such a welcome gift when leaving the UK on a cold grey winters day. 

Watch a video here of Molly Mahon block-printing for Cabbages and Roses:

Blog post by Jessica Edney

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