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Founded by a tailor of Edward VII, E. Tautz has been renowned for creating high-quality menswear for over 140 years. As the international centre for the traditional art of hand embroidery, it seems only fitting that The Royal School of Needlework would decide to team up with E. Tautz for an exciting collaboration. 

Already a talented tailor, Edward Tautz opened his menswear shop in 1876 on London's Oxford Street and quickly gained a reputation for being an innovator. He specialised in breeches for the "hunting-field and military men" and experimented with different waterproofing techniques to gain an edge over his competitors. Some of the materials E. Tautz employed included meltons, specially softened buckskins and rainproof coverts. The tailor's sportswear, in particular, broke the mold; Tautz's 'Knickerbocker' breeches were specially designed to allow for a range of movement and were unlike anything else available for the sporting gentleman at the time. 

Today, E. Tautz continues their founder's legacy and go to great lengths to source and develop exceptional fabrics. All of their products are produced by UK mills and manufacturers, most of which is made in the company's own factory in Blackburn, Lancashire. E. Tautz was re-branded in 2009 and launched as a ready-to-wear label to wide critical acclaim.

Signature pieces from the latest E. Tautz Collection were hand embroidered by Royal School of Needlework Degree Students and launched at London Fashion Week Men’s as part of their Spring Summer 2019 Collection. The new Collection, ‘Give Me a Future’, pays homage to the labour movements in British history, featuring symbols and slogans from placards held during the Miners Strikes, a vintage trades union banner and satirical cartoons. The students used traditional hand embroidery techniques, such as Appliqué and Goldwork, to embellish pieces in the new Collection. 

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