Grab your Glad Rags


If you're based in London and looking for something  to do tomorrow evening then look no further. Fashion designer Ana Reis and artist Kibi Schultz have devised an evening of fashion-based fun. Bring an item of clothing, a curious attitude and a few friends and learn to create something new for your summer wardrobe. No previous design or sewing skills are necessary.

It's a laid back project with serious foundations, as  Kibi explains, "Grab Your Glad Rags" began as a personal response to certain by-products of the modern 'fast fashion' system: excess  and chemical waste; unfavorable labour practices; the commodification of our individual style and the irradication of our ability to create for ourselves.  Once upon a time, women and men regularly took great pride in making their own clothes and other items. There is something really satisfying that comes from making 'something from nothing' or in this case something from something else.  If it helps ease the burden on the planet and its people – even better! Ultimately, there is no single answer to these complex issues – it's really more about what each individual can do to make a lasting difference in their own lives and their own communities."

Grab Your Glad Rags takes place Wednesday July 30th,  7-10pm at The Boogaloo (five minutes from the Selvedge Shop).


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