With patterns that pay homage to the elephant, the giraffe and the leopard it's clear that Gudrun Sjödén’s autumn 2014 collection is inspired by Africa. “Of course there are incredibly beautiful patterns to be found in nature, my inexhaustible source of inspiration! It was wonderful for me to be able to really get stuck into all these patterned shapes..." explained Gudrun. And in exchange for the abundant inspiration she is giving something back. Before launching the collection Gudrun Sjödén set up a collaboration with the organisation “Ivory for Elephants”, which supports the endangered African elephant. 2014_autumn_extra_elephantblog An elephant is killed approximately every 15 minutes. Of the 300,000 elephants that were alive in 2013, 35,000 have been killed to meet the world’s rising demand for ivory. If the ivory trade continues at the same rate, the elephant will be extinct within ten years. To support their efforts to save the elephant Gudrun Sjödén will donate £5 per “Elefant” top (pictured below left)... wear it to save them. Elephantblog3

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