Gudrun Sjödén - 40 Years of Colour and Design


For forty years, Gudrun Sjödén has reached demographics often disregarded by the mainstream fashion industry, and has created fashions for women who dare to stand out from the crowd.


“I am a watercolour artist and entrepreneur! The thrill of the design process and of growing the business with stores, an online presence and catalogues – is top of mind for me all the time. And a full 40 years have now gone by! I’m still learning. My company has grown enormously and I intend to continue expanding on different markets while preserving the label’s flexibility."


"Since the beginning in 1976, the business concept has remained the same: comfortable clothes in natural materials. But much has happened along the way too. Today, we have customers in 52 countries and stores in seven markets, of which the USA is showing the most growth. It’s all about living for the moment”, – Gudrun Sjödén, CEO and owner.


To celebrate the brand's 40th birthday a special anniversary exhibition will follow Gudrun’s story with a series of vintage designs and videos. The show will also give an insight into the processes involved in the company’s steady stream of patterns, catalogues and design.

Gudrun Sjödén 40 Years of Colour and Design 

Galleri 5 at Kulturhuset (Stockholm House of Culture & City Theatre), Stockholm, Sweden


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  • Mia on

    My favourite designer of all times!!! I discovered her clothing when I was 19 and I have been a dedicated customer since (even after moving to Canada from Sweden). She has a huge impact on my identity and the values I want to express. Thank you for spreading the word about her!

    Thank you, Gudrun Sjoden, for what you bring to this world! Good Luck/Lycka till in the years to come!!!

    Mia Moutray

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