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Andre Benis' family has been involved in the production of Japanese textiles for many generations. Here he shares with us both his family history and motivation behind Shogun designs. Having recently launched my business, Shogun Designs, I regularly get asked about my connection to textiles and Japan. Despite looking Latino, I am in fact half Japanese/half Polish American. I was born in Yokohama, Japan, although I was subsequently brought up in London. Three Beauties front - Copy With kimono silks going back eight generations on my mother’s side of the family, you could say that textiles are in my blood. My Senzawa lineage is renowned for printing, dyeing, manufacturing and retail kimono businesses. Edoya, the 140-year-old family kimono business is still run by my grandmother and my uncle. Whereas the Aoki side focuses more on design and printing with pieces designed by my great grandfather, Sarakatsu III, being considered national treasures. nlk I guess my passion for Japanese textiles was somewhat inevitable and, with my new business Shogun Designs, I hope to introduce high quality but affordable Japanese textile artwork to a western audience. The ancient ‘Katazome’ screen-printing method, which is used on all our prints, creates a unique texture, depth and colour not found in other mediums. This organic layered resist paste template process is traditionally reserved for kimono silks but it is also used in the creation of art and it is the first time this has hit these shores. Each piece is lovingly made in Japan and hand finished in London. Tenjin frame front The series currently features three distinct ranges: the unframed classic ‘Icons’ range, which encompasses well-known and globally recognized Japanese 'Ukiyoe' wood block prints; ‘Legends’ which celebrates the beloved myths and folklore of Japanese culture and finally the limited edition ‘Festivals’ range of which there are only 100.  

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  • Andrew on

    I just love Japanese culture! you can never get hold of all of it! Like each time a pay a visit I learn something new and interesting!

    Planning my next trip soon!


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