Hand-Stitched Quilting With Abigail Booth

Forest + Found is the joint venture of artists Abigail Booth and Max Bainbridge, who produce sculptural and wall-based works that "look at landscape as a site of exchange between material and the maker". In April, Abigail will be leading a hand-stitching workshop in London. See details below.

For Abigail Booth and Max Bainbridge, a deep understanding of living in their East London community coexists alongside foraging excursions in nearby Epping Forest. Their wares illustrate a fresh duality between urban and rural living.

There is a philosophical thread underpinning everything Forest + Found do; both Bainbridge and Booth are keen to explore objects through thinking, dialogue and making. They prefer a self-taught approach, picking up the skills they need when they are required. For now, Booth has focused on quilting and Bainbridge on woodworking. The wood shavings left over from Bainbridge’s practice are used by Booth to dye the cloth she then quilts – she explains that the natural tannins found in different types of wood can create an array of delicate tones, from black and grey to soft purples.

Extract from the Green issue. Words by Ptolemy Mann.

Abigail Booth will be leading a Hand Quilting workshop at the Artworkers' Guild in April. Participants will learn the art of traditional hand-stitched quilting, including how to layer a quilt and hand-stitching. There will also be the opportunity to learn the traditional technique of Baptist Fan quilting (used by Amish quilt makers) or, participants can choose to transfer a stitch design of their own onto the quilt sample.

 To find out more and to book your place, click here. 


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