Her Runway

London Fashion Week seems to diversify and expand exponentially each season. Collections consistently seek to be original and exciting, whilst avoiding 'missing the mark' with questionable design. Ultimately 'LFW' can make or break a designer, as well as continue to help support established creatives.

September is the season where trends are set and materials take precedence. Continuing the year's celebration of 'the woman', Her Runway brought a collective of a wide diaspora of women together to form this female-led start-up and showcased the work of designers from around the world.

Opening the show was UK-based atelier Helen Howe, whose collection was inspired by the Algarve, although adapted for wear to a chilly British winter. Howe's designs are sustainable, ethical, local and traceable, ticking all the boxes for the conscious consumer.

The House of Nubian is a Dubai-based East African designer who marries bold print with ostentatious Masaii Tribal bead-work, and wholly aware of the power of the product and its symbolism. Featuring contemporary dancers wearing tulle fabric underwear designed for darker skin tones, Ownbrown Lingerie also brought to the forefront the issue of representation in the fashion world.

Luxury By Feyi is a Dubai based designer who produces delicate, detailed bead-work, reminiscent of costumes from Hollywood's Golden Age. The collection conveyed an atmosphere of luxury and glamour. 

Even fashion cynics would have failed to ignore the sense of empowerment celebrated by the show; a testament to the positive impact of creativity and diversity in the fashion world.

Guest blog by Wendyrosie Scott.

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