Wollaton Hall, Nottingham's most historic and opulent building, will next month become home to a series of art performances inspired by the characters that once lived on the estate, along with the lavish collections accumulated inside the building's walls. Artists Caroline Broadhead, Nic Sandiland and Angela Woodhouse have been commissioned to create site specific work for the Prospect Room; a rooftop hall looking out over the surrounding park and to the city beyond. One particular point of inspiration that the artists have focussed on is a 17th century embroidered costume belonging to the Middleton family, who once lived in this palatial hall. Prospect-Room-3- Sandiland and Woodhouse have worked with image, sound, and movement to create a series of intimate film works that are integrated with Broadhead’s reinvented found objects. Bringing together the usually autonomous crafts of jewellery, textiles and performance art, Broadhead says her practice is "mainly driven by ideas, but making and materials are an integral part of the process. You can’t make things without considering the craft of it". Her sculptural installations combined with Sandiland's and Woodhouse's films create a unique and highly atmospheric way to enjoy this vast and historic building. wollaton-hall-autumn According to the organisers, “images will shift from the open landscape to the enclosed and restricted spaces in which the servants were confined, indicating the labours and life that differentiated the people, their roles and their position in the 17th century household". Owned by the Middleton family until it was bought by the City of Nottingham in 1924, Wollaton Hall is now home to the National History Museum and is where the film "The Dark Knight" was shot six years ago. Digging deep into the past, "Close Distance" will bring into focus the everyday nuances of 17th and 18th century life in both the upper and lower classes of this hall, a room that is rarely visited by the public today. DSC0331 Visitors must book a place at a "Close Distance" talk and viewing. Click here to book a place.    

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