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In anticipation of Easter weekend, there's been a bunny explosion at Selvedge, we are now home to a colony of beautiful felted wool rabbits from Berlin based label Hut Up. Hut Up was established in 1993 by Christine Birkle and uses traditional techniques alongside Birkle's own original methods. Using the highest quality materials Hut Up's wool pieces are felted with water and soap giving the pieces a firm organically shaped form, whilst Birkle's method turns the felt into a soft material. The finished result is both practical and sculptural. The label's collection is not limited to rabbits, Hut Up produces a range of clothing and wedding pieces in wool, chiffon and silk as well as a collection of other felted wool animals and objects. The family of rabbit tea and egg cosies are striking in and of themselves without the need to keep an egg or teapot warm.. Available from our shop and online:
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