If The Shoe Fits

A long time ago, the art of shoe-making was such a slow process that many craftspeople made each pair just one shoe at a time. Nowadays in the world of catalogue living rooms, fast fashion and mass-produced taste, finding your very own pair of glass slippers can be as daunting as making a pair of shoes yourself. Tired of the struggle and after years working at the core of the fashion industry, designer Lucy Lloyd decided to take matters into her own hands alongside fellow Ottowin Footwear co-founder Oliver Cross.

Founded in 2016, Ottowin is a hand-made footwear company based in Bristol. Born out of a love for traditional craft and contemporary design, Lucy and Oliver embrace the ethics of slow fashion, minimising waste and cherishing personal skill wherever possible. The pair pride themselves on being the exact opposite of a production line, completely engaging themselves in every step of the process to create a whole-hearted product each and every time they step foot in the studio.

Lucy and Oliver often spend hours rifling through shelves in Northampton where they source their materials. Using limited run leathers means that once a shoe colour runs out, it’s well and truly gone — which we think is a refreshing reality check in the world of copious Asos orders and uncomfortably close-to-the-bone targeted advertising. At Ottowin, focus is key. Each pair of shoes is lovingly cared for from the initial sketch through to the final fit. To see for yourself, pop into their brand new premises opening this weekend on St Nicholas Street.

Ottowin Footwear Shop Launch Event, 7pm, 4 April 2018

34 St Nicholas Street, Bristol BS11TG

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