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Guest blog post by Josh Robinson, who along with his wife Lisa recently launched social enterprise ‘Inigo Scout’. Three years ago our twins, Inigo and Scout, were born. They spent two months in intensive care, with the beeps of state-of-the-art equipment as the soundtrack to their first days. We would sit next to their incubators, feeling helpless, in awe of the consultants and nurses that helped our children through. egwa In the corner of the unit sat a box of locally knitted blankets that gave parents the opportunity to actually do something to help. We would tuck them over our kids and wrap them up when we were allowed to hold them. These little squares of colour were of huge comfort. It was an unwritten rule that you could take ‘your blankets’ with you when you left. The day we said goodbye to the hospital we made a promise: we would do something to help other children who did not get the quality of care that ours had enjoyed. And, we were now obsessed with blankets! Neither of us had any experience of textile manufacture. We visited mills around the country learning about everything from jacquard looms to teasling and we spoke to charities that might help us get blankets to the children that really needed them. Inigo-Scout-Microscopic-Selvedge One year later, we had our team: Johnstons of Elgin would make our blankets and Knit For Peace would establish our project in South Africa. Here, we would teach and pay locals to knit blankets for local children. Our vision of making ‘the world’s most beautiful blankets’ was taking shape. The final component was the designs of the textiles themselves. qwfwq Now, here we are. Our launch collection of luxury, limited edition ‘blankets with a soul’ are designed to be hung on the wall ‘as art’ or thrown on a bed. Our vision is that every fortunate family that enjoys art and values quality will have an Inigo Scout blanket bringing warmth to their home…and the homes of others.

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  • Sarah on

    Oh Soul Beautimus!! They just feel good for the eyes! Touch, colour and designs. BRAVO’S!!!!

  • Josh on

    Thank you, Sarah! Happy you like our work!
    Josh @ Inigo Scout

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