The keenest of contemporary craft followers will already be familiar with the name Gizella K Warburton. Known for creating sculptures with the most delicate of surfaces, combining mixed media and textiles affectionately meshed together, Gizella is a UK based artist whose career in craft continues to grow at an exponential rate. With exhibitions already this year in Connecticut and Paris, she is now displaying work in West Sussex as part of Gallery 57’s current exhibition Interior Space.


Founded by artist Ann Symes, Gallery 57 is part of a Grade 2 listed Georgian house. With an eclectic exhibition programme full of painting, drawing, original prints, 3D mixed media, ceramics, jewellery, photography and book arts, Gizella’s work in this show is accompanied by a roster of impressive makers including Barbara Gittings, Chiara Vagnarelli, Rhonda K Baker, Frances Bloomfield, Kat Evans, Michelle Keegan, Charles Poulsen and Katie Sollohub.


‘My current practice has its origins in stitched cloth,’ Gizella explains, ‘though undoubtedly rooted in embroidery and patchwork, I experiment with and refine processes in a search to describe the way elements have imprinted themselves in my mind.’ With a palette echoing that of the landscape contemporary landscape, her vessels for this show are delicate, tactile and lovingly made.


Similar to the process of collage, Gizella brings her materials together with tiny holding stitches bonding each layer together.  With gestural marks made from threads, print, charcoal and other media, she embodies a minimalist and experimental approach to materials by combining techniques such as printmaking, feltmaking, papermaking and weaving. Interior Space, 29 April - 11 June

Gallery 57, 57 Tarrant Street, Arundel West Sussex, BN18 9DJ

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